Spring is blooming at #fisherycreekpark, cherry blossom ? is showing its beautiful colours, the birds’ melodies are amazing, the peace around the park is deafening, and we are missing you all. It is one month today that we are on lockdown. The COVID-19 has pushed it for further three weeks according to the government advice. Lockdown is becoming the […]


It’s been a week now that we are on lockdown here at #fisherycreekpark, it was a hard decision, but we agree that it was a wise move and an essential one. We care about our customers and our team! As you are aware most of the country is now on a lockdown. The park is […]


The season has already started and it’s so nice to see all the familiar faces around the Park. It’s so nice to welcome everyone looking for a peaceful break. After all these Storms that we have got over, we are all well up and running.  With the recent news influenced by COVID-19 spreading the fear […]