A warm welcome awaits you at Fishery Creek Park and to help make your stay an enjoyable experience, we would ask you to read the following conditions.

  1. On arrival all guests must call at the reception to register before proceeding on to the Park. Payment to cover the duration of the stay including all extras must be made at that time. If you have booked and paid a deposit in advance, your balance will be adjusted on arrival.
  2. Pitches must be vacated by 11am on the day of departure. Should you wish to exceed the registered departure date, please call at the reception at least 24 hrs before hand. This request will depend on availability.
  3. Guests must comply with the National Safety Regulations on spacing. Living accommodation must be 6m away from that of a neighbour, though vehicles can be parked in that space, provided they are 3m away from neighbours’ accommodation. A distance of 1.5m must be maintained from any inflammable structure.
  4. The control barriers will automatically lock between 11:00pm to 7:00am. Guests returning to the Park after 11:00pm will need to park their vehicles in the car park at the entrance. In an emergency please contact the Duty Warden located at the entrance. Please note a 2.1m height barrier will close at 9:30pm and open at 7:30am.
  5. Pitches are not to be changed during your stay without first seeking authority from the reception.
  6. Visitors to those staying on the Park must first call at the reception to obtain a pass; vehicles will only be permitted if space is available. A charge for daytime visitors and their vehicles will be made as per the tariff currently in force.
  7. Fire hoses must not be used for any purpose other than fire fighting (in accordance with the emergency procedure).
  8. Open fires are not permitted. Barbecues of a proprietary make are permitted so long as they do not cause annoyance to others and are not considered to constitute a fire risk. Check with reception first. We have bricks available for portable throwaway barbecues. Please do not scorch the grass.
  1. Please observe the vehicle speed limit of 5mph on the park to ensure the safety of other guests and children playing.
  2. Dogs must be kept under strict control at all times. Please exercise dogs off the Park. Any accidental fouling by pets on the Park must be removed by the owner. Maximum of two dogs per pitch. Dangerous breeds not allowed.
  3. Please keep your pitch clean and free of litter and deposit all refuse in bins provided.
  4. If you have any problems please tell us as soon as possible, so that we can try and put matters right.
  5. The management of Fishery Creek Park reserve the right to refuse admission or to terminate the booking of anyone for reasons of misbehaviour; disregard for others on the Park; or non compliance with the Conditions of Entry.
  6. A maximum of two five-pole windbreaks can be erected whilst hirers are using the caravan, and must be taken down when absent. Washing lines are not allowed.
  7. The management or agents of Fishery Creek Park will not accept liability for any loss or damage whatsoever and guests or visitors use the site at their own risk. Guests and visitors will indemnify the management and their agents against all actions, costs, claims, demands and expenses arising out of or in connection with the use of the Park.
  8. Please use the re-cycling bins provided.
  9. In the interest of safety and enjoyment of fellow guests, all children under 16 should return to their pitch during the hours of darkness.
  10. Please observe our “quiet time” after 11pm.
  11. The Team at Fishery Creek Touring Park will be taking photos. These images may be used by our team to publicise our Park in press releases, printed publicity and published on Fishery Creek Touring Park social media. If you would prefer for you, your pet or your child not be photographed, please email us on camping@fisherycreekpark.co.uk.

We appreciate your support